Frequently asked questions

What is the MyResolve Network?

It is an online health platform where individuals can find qualified psychologists to help with their situation, and book an online appointment with them.

Who can use the MyResolve Network?

Anyone can use the MyResolve Network, and you can make a booking if you would like to access the service.

Is the MyResolve network right for me?

The MyResolve Network has many different options. It is important that you know what you are looking for before you start to choose a service.

What do I need to access the MyResolve Network?

How you wish to pay for the MyResolve network booking determines what you need to access the service. It will be explained in more detail in later questions.

Is the MyResolve Network available across Australia?

The MyResolve network is where you can book online services, and so therefore anywhere you can get a reception, you can get the service.

Can I obtain a Medicare rebate?

In order to get a rebate you will need to have a mental health plan, addressed to the psychologist you wish to see. Before you make a booking on the MyResolve network.

When I use the MyResolve Network, am I signing up to a contract or subscription?

When you are using the network you are not signing up to a contract. You pay as you go only at the time of booking.

Do you accept private health insurance?

We do accept private insurance, however, you are responsible for ensuring that you are covered for psychology sessions before booking.

How is my privacy protected?

Your privacy is protected through encryption of the booking system.

Can I stay anonymous when using the MyResolve Network?

If you like you can stay anonymous, however this will only work if you are paying for the amount in full, yourself.