OUR CULTURE-At MyResolve, we are working together to make the planet a better place. We are doing this through the promotion of meaningful, fulfilling and happy productive human living. With an emphasis on preventive and therapeutic mental health offerings.

OUR TEAM- We are building a next generation tech based platform with AI, to address all stages of mental health issues, anywhere in the world on demand. Our people enjoy the culture of sharing ideas, opinions and constructive criticism, to make MyResolve platform a better version every single day.

Our Story- Everyday, we hear messages about Climate change, Pandemics, War and Social inequality. So much so that our Collective Global Attention, is increasingly directed toward sustainability, and human survivorship.

MORE RECENTLY the Pandemic, Economic Stress and Digital content overload, have brought mental health issues to the fore-front. 

Dave (pictured inset) started the MyResolve digital platform as part of his passion for creating convenient acces to digital therapy. For a long time he has been keen to help a lot of individuals, SHAPE THEIR OWN FUTURE. The PSYCHOLOGISTS in the network hail from all over Australia, and are not bound by geography or time differences.

MyResolve is creating psychology services aided by technology, to individuals who desperately need to re shape their future. The Precision and data driven consumer-provider match, self-empowering and navigated psychology tools and the best-in-the-class therapists, allow us to deliver a truly sophisticated customer-centric service.

Are you also concerned about the future?


Dave Low

Owner/ Founder / Psychologist



Founder Advisor, Innovation expert

Health Tech serial entrepreneur



Digital marketing expert

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