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Access a qualified psychologist, that draws  upon modern technology to conveniently support you.

Next Generation Psychology, and digital therapeutics

With MyResolve your journey will be supported by certified  psychologists 

and cutting edge technology.

Let's work together, and shape your future.

We can help you break through the negative cycles so you can shape your future better

Why is a hybrid (psychologist + digital) approach to therapy, so advantageous?

With the hybrid approach MyResolve offers the experience, empathy, and engagement of a clinician, along with the self navigated, convenient, on-demand, affordable care, by empowering patients to map and monitor their therapy and progress.

Better match with the right therapist

Convenient and comfortable session times.

Technology tools enhancing the whole experience

to deliver greater value

You are 3 steps away from beginning your treatment journey

1. Click on Book now​

2. Choose the psychologist

3. Connect at the selected time

Benefits for therapists

Receive more referrals, more bookings hence enabling you to achieve a greater work life balance.

Create a work portfolio of Patients relevant to your practice


Work at your own pace.

Join the network and join the community.

Endorsement and Regulation

MyResolve adheres to the regulations set out by the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) and the Psychology Board of Australia. We hold a strong commitment to ethical practice, privacy, and confidentiality, thus offering a safe, secure, and highly effective means of facilitating mental health care in Australia.

Working with MyResolve has meant that we can add more value and support to our existing patients, meaning the GP's have more time.


Practice manager

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